Clinical Education Topics

Clinical Education Topics

Comprehensive Wound Management

This extensive one-day course is designed to introduce evaluation and assessment techniques and current treatment interventions for patients with lower extremity wounds with a focus on modalities. Through a combination of small class size and extensive hands-on-labs, this course strives to provide a comprehensive knowledge base for health care professionals in the area of wound management.

Dementia Management

New Dimensions has the viewpoint that persons with dementia can remain active participants in their lives, with help from their caregivers. New Dimensions assists, educates, and develops strategies to assist your caregivers when dealing with residents with dementia.

The essentials of our “Dimensions in Dementia Management Program” offer the basic components utilized for cognitive functioning affected by the dementia process. Our clinicians helps train your caregivers to understand the definition of dementia and be familiar with effective ways to impact a resident’s functional incontinence, weight loss and falling behaviors. We also train caregivers on the value of environmental applications. New Dimensions has helped offer practical benchmarks for stages of dementia and offers tools for effective training of caregivers.

Advanced Modalities & Clinical Program Training

Our program training is focused on developing rehabilitation programs that optimize patient outcomes through advanced modalities that will address a variety of neurological and musculoskeletal conditions. Electrical stimulation and ultrasound have been used successfully for many years to treat orthopedic and athletic injuries. New Dimensions takes these same principles and applies them toward applications that will help train clinicians with techniques that will address pain management, increased blood flow, spasticity management and muscle re-education. We will also train clinicians with Ultrasound treatments, which generate deep heating, facilitate the relaxation of contractures and accelerate the healing of soft tissue. It can be used in thermal or non-thermal mode. We will demonstrate how patients recover more quickly than they might have with conventional therapies alone. Through this training we will help you address quality indicators (Quality Indicators are federally mandated measures of the incidence of pain, wounds, incontinence and other key clinical indicators and reflect the facility’s quality of operation).

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