Why we should live a Healthy Lifestyle

Why we should live a Healthy Lifestyle

Lifestyle Change begins with a Vision – You will be Successful by keeping up Your Motivation

A vision that motivates is the standard constant for success across all social classes and/or lifestyles. It does not matter how many years a person spent in classrooms, a motivating vision is the common denominator for achievement. President Abraham Lincoln never went to school; he became President because he had a vision that motivated him. In addition, his vision was so powerful that it motivated everyone around him and that energy motivated the country.

This website will give you the tools to put purpose and meaning in your life, helping you develop a vision, thereby motivating you to a more exciting lifestyle. This can be done if you recognize barriers and work at removing them. A vision that motivates is the secret. Achieving a desired lifestyle is the result.

Scary News

A recent study highlighted some VERY scary news on the obesity front. Over half of the roughly 200 million people in this country that are overweight are considered obese. Over half. I don’t know about you but to me those are very sobering numbers. Americans spend tens of billions of dollars on weight loss products a year but many of these solutions are clearly not working. Every day we see ads promising weight loss in a pill or ways to make exercise almost effortless but with great results. The truth is that if there was such an effortless solution to the problem we would not see the numbers I mentioned above. These solutions are NOT WORKING.

What will work? The answer is painfully simple but not necessarily easy to achieve for many people. Proper nutrition and exercise. And a vision, a goal. I am talking about permanent lifestyle changes here people. A consistent exercise program coupled with a diet full of fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins and good fats WILL give you the results you are looking for but as I well know, this can be easier said than done. In order to make these changes you need to start with personal motivation. Essentially what this means is finding your “why”. Why do you want to get fit and healthy? For some it could mean wanting the energy to keep up with their kids (or grandkids) or simply wanting to live long enough to see those kids graduate or get married. For others it might be to get themselves off of costly and potentially harmful medication that they are taking to manage many of the diseases and disorders associated with an unhealthy body weight. Maybe you just want look smokin hot in that bikini for summer. Whatever your reason is be clear about it and then get to work.

Studies have shown that people are much more successful in reaching their health and fitness goals with a clear set goal toward which they can work. Keeping yourself accountable and motivated when the road gets rough. But no matter where you are starting from – Always remember that there are plenty of people out there who share similar goals e.g. have similar anticipations as you and who are also doing it. So you will actually never be alone – just keep the vision of a healthy you in your mind and you should be strong enough not to be diverted from your journey!