Telemedicine, The NEW Affordable Care Act

Telemedicine, The NEW Affordable Care Act

affordable care act
Affordable to one person my be something completely different to the other. Who is to say what’s affordable for you?

The Affordable Care Act is getting as much press as any social economical topic right now. Many are confused and justifiably concerned about the health care coverage they will be using to protect their families in the future.

While I’m not going to use this blog, or this blog post, to either stand for against any current health care ideas, I will say this. To use the term affordable in such a generalized manner as to make it sound that ANY plan is a viable option for ALL? I think it’s ambiguous for ANY person or other COMMITTEE to believe they have the authority to make that distinction for every citizen of the United States. There are certain things, in my life, that I WILL NOT comply with in regards to the choices my wife and I make and health care services are no exception.

Regardless of which side of the political divide you stand on most will admit the the health care system in the United States is stressed to the point of breaking. Rising costs aren’t the only problem. According to the New York Times, if health care isn’t in enough trouble, there are hospitals and doctors being investigated for ordering unnecessary tests, to include cardiac catheterization.

Overbilling, Unnecessary Medical Procedures Routine In Corporate Hospital Chain – According to the New York Times, in 2008, Mr. Tomlinson questioned Dr. Abdul Shadani of HCA’s Lawnwood Hospital in Fort Pierce, Florida before the procedure began: “Sir, what are we going to fix?” Mr. Tomlinson told the New York Times he saw no blockages as he examined images of the patient’s arteries…

As it turns out, the hospital named in this, and other reports, names the very hospital my wife works at. Once article even named my cardiologist. It’s just getting more ridiculous as we investigate. This is only one instance of many being investigated in the United States.

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Will Affordable Care Act raise the price of your pizza? CNN Last week John Schnatter the founder and CEO of Papa John’s Pizza announced that the Affordable Care Act will raise the cost of his pizza 11 to 14 cents each or 15 to 20 cents per order. Papa John’s to hike pizza costs 11 Cents on a Large Pepperoni… Nearly Two-Thirds Of Employers Expect Health Benefit Costs To Rise Under…

To believe that a Universal Healthcare Bill is the solution is no different than believe the Affordable Care Act is right for everyone in the United States. There may be people that it’s right for but that doesn’t mean that it’s right for everyone. While speaking with people, last evening, someone asked me “if the Affordable Care Act can provide free health care for people how is that not affordable?” “My reply was “what good is a health care plan based on a system that is losing doctors almost as fast as it’s losing money?” The price is going to irrelevant if the system can’t support it. Is the Affordable Care Act cusing shortage of primary care doctors in the United States?

What’s the solution? Based on what we are seeing telemedicne and telehealth based services offer a viable opportunity for people to receive care for common ailments, from home, using a Digital Doctor. By simply logging into their computer or picking up their smart phone, people can set an appointment, consult with a doctor, and even receive prescriptions for common ailments. The service my wife is using has been exceptional! We have seen plans as low as $19.95 per month or unlimited access to a doctor. Some services even offer a refer three and yours is free program.

What effect will the new healthcare bill have one you? That depends on what you are willing to do about. Before you just openly accept ANY health care ruling, on the table, get the facts. There are more options now, than ever, so take the time to do your homework and get the facts. The question of affordability can only be made by you based on your current level of income.